Times To Consider Using A Double Copper Rain Chain Setup

Copper rain chains are an eye-catching alternative to gutter downspouts to consider for your property. Whereas downspouts aren't very appealing looking, copper rain chains are sold in a wide range of styles to allow you to find a look that suits you. In addition to their beauty, rain chains need to be functional, so you should always be looking at them during a rainfall to ensure that they're doing their job properly. At times, you may wish to consider using a double rain chain setup. This idea has a two-sided spout that diverts the water from your gutters into a pair of rain chains. Here are some times to consider using such a setup.

You Get Heavy Storms

If there's a heavy storm that dumps a significant volume of rainwater on your property in a short amount of time, a single copper rain chain may be unable to keep up with the flow. This can mean that the water flows directly out of your gutters and straight to the ground, instead of trickling through the rain chains. The result can be water that pools and flows back against your foundation, or simply erodes your yard. Either way, if heavy storms are a regular occurrence for you, a pair of rain chains can often be up for the task.

A Neighbor's Downspout Is Blocked

If you live in a townhome or duplex, you may share a gutter system with your neighbor. You'll both have your own downspouts, which should theoretically allow the water to flow down each downspout. However, if your neighbor's downspout is blocked, the water won't flow through it — and because the water needs to flow somewhere, it may overload your gutters and be too much for your single copper rain chain to handle. A double rain chain setup can handle the excess volume of water.

You Have Different Uses For The Water

Sometimes, you may want to use the rainwater for two different uses. For example, you might want some of it to flow into a rain garden, and the rest to fill a rain barrel. With a single copper rain chain, this split can be a challenge. However, with a pair of rain chains, you can set up one to divert water into a rain barrel, while the other can let its water flow into an underground pipe that carries the water directly to your rain garden.