5 Awesome Texas Gifts for the Homesick

If you have a loved one who has moved away from the state, why not send an awesome Texas gift? These unique gifts aren't just packed with a Texas-sized dose of love, but they also bring a bit of home to wherever they are. If you need some inspiration on what gifts to buy, here are just some ideas for you to consider.  

1. Home Scent Candles

Home scent candles are just as they sound — a candle infused with scents that remind you of the great state. These candles are designed in a variety of scents reminiscent of the Lone Star State, but some of the more common choices include pine, leather, and moss. They can simply light the candle, close their eyes, and they might think they're back home. 

2. Hot Sauce

Every Texan knows that hot sauce is a serious matter, as it's not just a simple condiment. No matter the region of the state, there is a style of hot sauce that speaks to the region. Shipping a bottle or two of hot sauce to your loved one is a great way to give them a bit of home. If you really want to spice things up, consider sending a bottle of new hot sauce they've never tried before.

3. Cowboy Boots

Another Lone Star State staple is cowboy boots. Although many native Texans already have a pair of their own, cowboy boots are so great that there is no harm in having more than one pair. Keep in mind when it comes to these boots, quality is everything. So, make sure you invest in a boot made from quality leather. 

4. Star Décor

A great housewarming gift to send a homesick Texan is star décor. Texas star décor can range from everything from wall art to custom furniture pieces, such as rocking chairs. However, the symbolism of unity and oneness associated with the star is the same and is a great message to send your loved one, no matter the décor piece. 

5. Custom Ornament

If you want to give your loved one a gift that they can enjoy for years to come, consider gifting a custom ornament. Custom Texas ornaments can be designed in the shape of the state with the state flag on it, or even in the image of the skyline of one of the major cities. No matter where they are, each time they look at their tree during the holidays, they can see a part of home. 

Remember, it's the thought that counts. So, whatever gift you decide to buy your loved one, they're sure to love and appreciate it. Reach out to companies like Texas Capitol Giftshop for ideas.