3 Ways to Involve a Tree Service When You’re Involved in Real Estate

When you're involved in either side of the real estate process—selling your home or trying to buy a home—you rely on a long list of professionals. Home inspectors, photographers, and various people in the trades can all play a role in helping you to sell or buy. One professional service that you can turn to during this time is your local tree service. Regardless of whether you're attempting to sell your home or buy another, you can rely on your local tree service for a variety of tasks. Here are some ideas.

Tidying Up Your Property

If you have a number of trees throughout your property but they give the area an unkempt look, hiring a tree service before you put your house on the market is a good idea. A crew will arrive at your home, listen to your concerns, and then deal with the problematic trees.

This process could include trimming those that are overgrown or removing those that are dead or are otherwise detracting from the curb appeal of your home. By the time the tree service has completed the task, you'll have a yard that looks better for prospective buyers—and may help you attract more interest in your listing.

Assessing Trees Before You Buy

When you're shopping for a home, you need to pay attention to not just the inside of the residence, but also the yard. If you find a house that you like but are concerned about some of the trees in the yard, it's advantageous to hire a tree service.

A tree service professional will arrive to carefully inspect whatever trees have caught your eye. For example, if the professional indicates that a tree is dead or dying and will need to be removed in a short amount of time, this may influence whether or not you submit an offer on the house, and it certainly should influence your offer amount.

Cutting Before You Move In

If you agree to buy a house but aren't fond of the tree situation, you may wish to include in the purchase agreement that you'll have a tree service visit the property to trim or cut down some trees before you move in. As long as the seller agrees to this request and you decide who will pay for the tree service's work, it can be ideal to have this work done before you move in. Whether the house is vacant when the work is being done or the seller still lives there, you'll appreciate the look of the property upon moving in.

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