Advantages To A Gas Insert Fireplace Installed Outdoors

When many people think of a gas insert fireplace, they think of one that is installed inside the home. Whether mounted in the wall of a large dining room, under a TV in the family room, or even in the master bedroom, a gas insert can greatly augment the ambiance of a home. However, gas inserts aren't only suitable for interior environments; you can also buy gas inserts that are suitable for having outdoors, which means that you may be enticed to try this fixture around your patio. If you spend lots of time sitting outside with your family, or if you entertain friends for outdoor gatherings, a gas insert can be highly advantageous. Here are some reasons to consider this product.

No Fussing With Firewood

An outdoor fireplace has several benefits, but you might not be keen on constantly having to fuss with firewood. In order to fuel the fire, you'll need to keep kindling and logs handy. This can mean that you're constantly buying wood from your local home supply store, or, if you live in a rural area, you might have the time investment of cutting your own logs and splitting your own kindling. While some people enjoy doing so, others do not. With a gas insert, you won't have any of this type of fuss—you'll simply flip a switch and begin enjoying the fireplace.

Ability To Burn Year-Round

In some environments, dry climates mean that municipalities will put burning bans in place. This means that no open fires are allowed outside for fear of sparks catching dry grass on fire and starting a significant blaze. If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you might be unable to use it for weeks or even months at a time. This is a major inconvenience, especially when you're entertaining guests in the evening outside. When you have a gas insert, however, you don't have to worry about any burning bans, as the fire is contained.

Easier To Control

When you have a wood-burning fireplace outside, you'll need to allow the blaze to burn down over the course of the evening. By the time you go inside at the end of the night, the fire should be out—after all, it's irresponsible and dangerous to have a fire burning unattended. With a gas insert, the flames are easy to control. You don't have to worry about letting the fire burn down. When you're ready to go inside, you simply need to turn the fire off.