Understanding The Various Types Of Patio Covers

The main purpose of most patio covers is to preserve your patio, by protecting it from various weather conditions. The patio cover also protects the people underneath from the rain and windy weather conditions. In addition, a cover for your patio will also help keep your home cool during the summer by providing the exterior structure with additional protection from the heat of the sun's UV rays. Patio covers also provide additional outdoor space for your family and friends. For instance, you can create party space for a cookout and family game night. The information listed below provides some tips on the various types of patio covers available for homeowners.  

The Use Of Insulated Patio Covers

Insulated patio covers are constructed with heavy duty materials such as polystyrene and foam, which make them extremely durable. The purpose of these patio covers is to protect the patio area from extreme weather conditions. Insulated patio covers are also laminated, making them waterproof. In addition, they also have panel inserts to insure that the patio cover material is able to expand to cover the required length of the space. 

The Use Of Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers are considered one of the most popular types amongst homeowners. Patio covers with aluminum materials are designed with slacks. There are small openings between each slack, which allows a small bit of sunlight to filter through. This allows you to experience natural lighting in the morning and a more romantic evening as the moon filters through the patio. The patio could also be a great place to relax and watch the sunrise or set as weather permits. In addition, the aluminum patio cover slacks are easy to attach, by sliding the inlays into their brackets and attaching the base to hold it in place.

Rollback Patio Covers

Rollback patio covers are considered versatile and convenient. The patio covers allow you to dictate how much sunlight you want to filter through the area. For instance, you can use the pulley or lever system located on the sides of the patio covers to pull the top backwards or forwards depending on how much space you want covered. These are great because you can have an entire party outside without worrying about rain because you can just adjust the cover so that nothing gets wet.

The above patio cover options are only a select few of the various types available. If you are unsure of the type of patio cover needed for your outdoor space, consider speaking with a consultant, like one from Aluminum  Builders Home Center.