10 Treats To Restore Your Spirit That You Deserve

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to overlook your own most-basic needs. Pamper yourself and restore your spirit with some easy and inexpensive treats.

Ten inspiring ways to treat yourself every day are:

  1. Order flowers. Arrange for daily flower delivery with your favorite florist, or search online for scheduled deliveries to your home, such as frommWhite House Design Studio. Fresh flowers bring life to your home, and can be very inspiring to smell and enjoy. Florists can recommend various species, frequency, and price-points for your consideration.
  2. Start to paint. Try your hand at painting! Invest in a small or portable watercolor palette and carry it wherever you go. This way, you will have what you need when inspiration strikes!
  3. Take more pictures. Capture pictures whenever possible of the simple beauties all around you. These will bring pleasure when you review them later, plus it gives you the opportunity to take time to bask in your surroundings. Sometimes the smallest, most-common entities make the most breathtaking shots!
  4. Bake something indulgent. Bake something fabulous- a fancy dinner, a batch of your grandmother's cookies, or a multi-tiered cake- for yourself! Forget the diet and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  5. Get up earlier. Give yourself 15 minutes of quiet contemplation in the morning. Set your alarm-clock a few minutes early and enjoy the peace that a quiet home provides before you begin your day.
  6. Give yourself a facial. Give yourself a facial, much like the ones you would have at a spa. Try an online recipe for an all-natural facial mask or buy an inexpensive one at the store.
  7. Turn on some tunes. Listen to your favorite music either online, or dig-out those old CDs. Music has been shown to have mood-altering effects and can be very motivating.
  8. Watch the sun rise.  Set your alarm clock to watch the sunrise. Not a morning person? Check local weather to determine when the sun sets and plan to enjoy it.
  9. Read poetry. Pick up a book of poetry and try reading and interpreting any poems that pique your interest.
  10. Take a bath. Add a little Epsom salt to a cool (or warm!) bath for deep-muscle relaxation and soothing relief of any aches and pains. Look for scented Epsom salt, like lavender, for an even more serene experience.

Take the time and make the effort to treat yourself right with these ten ways to restore your spirit. You deserve it!