3 Tips For Modernizing Your Living Room

Although sticking with a traditional living room is timeless, you may want to modernize your living room to make the space more interesting. A few changes can help you stay on-trend and make your living room feel like a different space.

Go Bold With Color

Bold pops of color are popular for living rooms, especially integrating jewel tones. Find your favorite jewel tone and use that as the starting point for design elements. Some popular options are deep, rich greens, purples, and blues. Since trends change each year, it is best to stick with neutral tones for the walls and utilize throw pillows on your couch and other seating areas to add a splash of color. If you enjoy changing the color scheme throughout the year, but want to keep the jewel tone theme, swap the cooler colors of fall and winter for ruby red, citrine, or topaz during the warmer months.

Update Wooden Pieces

The natural wood look is more traditional, but there are ways to incorporate wooden pieces in a modern living room by choosing pieces with noticeable texture. Cerused wood is a popular option, which is specially treated to turn the wood grain white and make it stand out from the rest of the wood. Since these additions to your living room are bold pieces, it is best to invest in a few statement pieces, such as your living room table or a bookshelf. If you want a substantial impact, you might consider having the floor in your living room refinished to include cerused wood. Another option is to utilize wallpaper that mimics cerused wood. To keep your changes interesting, try to find pieces that are not the conventional brown color. One option is gray, with white wood grain.

Add Trendy Furniture Pieces

You may find it difficult to invest in trendy furniture pieces, but if trends change, you can often have a furniture item reupholstered to fit your change in taste. One trendy option is the look of nail heads on living room sets. These items are often made from leather or faux-leather and have obvious nail-heads along the perimeter of the piece. This design works well for sofas, but can be used for smaller furniture items, such as a chair and ottoman. Another trendy item you might consider is the look of metal throughout your living room, but not just any metal. Silver and gold metallic is less popular, with rose gold taking its place.

Changing your living room to reflect current trends is a fun way to make the space unique. Small changes can make a significant impact and turn a boring area into a work of art.