Creatively Contemporary: How To Design A Modern-Themed Living Room That’s Anything But Boring

Is your living room boring and outdated? Do you feel as if your decorating style is stuck in the past? If you are looking for an easy way to transform the look of your living room, look no further than contemporary design. With its clean lines and casual look, it's the perfect style for relaxing at home or entertaining guests.

Choose neutrals

Nature-inspired materials and elements make the perfect foundation for contemporary design. Natural wood floors or laminate flooring that looks like wood are great choices for flooring. Ceramic tile is another good choice. Look for shades of tile in gray, white, or beige.

When selecting paint for walls, look for earthy shades of neutrals. Antique white, cream, beige, and light to medium gray hues work well. If fact, you really can't go wrong when you stick with neutral colors for the walls. Neutral colors blend well with modern design and play well with other colors.

Choose contemporary furniture

You may feel overwhelmed by all the choices offered when you visit your local furniture store. However, with your walls and flooring done in neutral colors, the sky is the limit. Look for leather or fabric sofas and chairs in square or rectangle shapes. Avoid curved furnishings and rounded shapes, which go better with a traditional style.

Are you intrigued by a sofa in a bold orange or red color? Is a bright geometrical design catching your attention? Bright hues add the perfect pop of color with neutral floors and walls. Don't be afraid to experiment with new colors. Your room should reflect your unique personality.

When shopping for accent tables, look for metal and glass designs. Rather than a traditional coffee table, you may want to choose a large storage ottoman. You can use metal or wooden serving trays on the ottoman for serving food and beverages. Large ottomans can also double as additional seating when needed.

Check out websites like to learn more about contemporary furniture.

Choose modern accent pieces

Look for modern art for decorating walls. Keep it simple. Modern design is open and uncluttered. Choose one large painting for a wall rather than multiple pictures grouped together.

Choose metal bookcases that are open on the ends for storing books and other decorative items. Again, keep decorative items to a minimum. Select a few pictures or items you enjoy and make them the focal point of your room. For instance, an interesting sculpture or a small vase with a long-stemmed flower will command attention without being overpowering.

Round out the room with accent rugs and pillows. It's best to choose contrasting colors. Gray pillows will look great on a red or orange sofa. Rugs with symmetrical designs will contrast well with a solid-colored sofa or chair. If your furniture contains a patterned fabric, choose a solid rug in a contrasting color.

When done correctly, contemporary decorating is anything but plain and boring. It's the perfect way to bring your old living room up to date. Whether you are relaxing after work with your kids or hosting the family holiday party, your contemporary living room is sure to be a place everyone will love.