5 Texas-Themed Gifts Your Lone Star State Lover Will Love

Do you have a loved one who either lives in Texas, used to live in Texas, or wishes they lived in Texas? If so, you're in luck -- many people struggle with decisions involving what to get as gifts for friends and relatives who seem to have everything. As anyone who loves the Lone Star state can tell you, however, there is no such thing as too much Texas, and you can always find a gift that will be loved and appreciated for anyone who shares this view. Following are just five of the many Texas-themed gifts that you can surprise the Texas lover in your life with.

A Texas Barbecue Cookbook

Texas barbecue tradition originated on cattle drives as a way to provide delicious fare for hardworking cowboys without sacrificing the expensive cuts of meat from the cattle -- the iconic  Cooked low and slow over the embers of a hickory fire, this style of barbecue was often prepared in the back of chuckwagons during the region's massive cattle drives. 

True to its history, the mainstay of Texas barbecue is beef, and beef brisket is a staple in every Texas-style barbecue joint. Brisket done right is so tender it falls right off the fork. Besides cookbooks focusing on Texas barbecue and side dishes, you can also give culinary paraphernalia such as aprons featuring a Texas flag.

Bluebonnet Seeds 

Bluebonnet seeds are a particularly good gift for Texas transplants who find themselves pining away for the iconic bluebonnet meadows of home. As their name implies, bluebonnets feature bright blue flowers and present a stunning sight when massed together, and although your gift recipient may not have a large Texas-sized meadow to create an azure blanket of blooms, he or she will undoubtedly appreciate having a few of these beloved plants in their yard, particularly if they're gardening enthusiasts.

Fortunately, bluebonnets don't just grown in the state of Texas -- they'll do well almost anywhere after they become established. In fact, they actually thrive in poor, rocky, and neglected soils. They can even be grown in containers if your gift recipient lives in an apartment or otherwise doesn't have a yard and garden area where they can grow flowers.

Anything Dallas Cowboys

Most Texans can't get enough Dallas Cowboys gear, so go ahead and shower the Lone Star state lovers on your gift list with Dallas Cowboys shirts, mugs, caps, and other team-specific objects. To go all out, consider treating your Texan to tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game if that's at all possible. It doesn't have to be a home game if the person no longer lives in Texas. 

Texas Pecan Coffee

Although many people associate pecans with the state of Georgia, pecan production is a huge industry in Texas, and Texas pecan coffee is a well-loved local tradition all over the state. Pecan trees are native to Texas, and besides being commercially farmed, many homeowners grow them in their yards -- and in many parts of the state, pecan trees also grow wild. Be sure to get the coffee that isn't just beans with flavoring -- opt for the Texas pecan coffee that actually includes small pieces of pecans.

A Big Map of Texas

Many people love the opportunity to dream in front of a map while planning real or imaginary road trips, so consider getting the Texas enthusiast in your life a gorgeous wall map of their favorite state that's suitable for framing. They'll probably hang it in a place of honor in their home and think fondly of Texas every time they catch sight of the map.