Keeping Cool In Your Woodworking Shop

Woodworking is a great hobby and can be very rewarding, but it's important to make sure you are comfortable as you work. If your workshop building or shed gets too hot, that will make the experience unpleasant. To prevent any physical discomfort when you are in your shop, keeping the place cool is essential. Here are some key tips to keep in mind.


One good idea is to add a trellis to the outside of your shop. Place the trellis near the shop on the side that is facing south for best results. You will need to plant a vine that grows quickly, so that it will cover the trellis as soon as possible. The vine-covered trellis will give your workshop some much-needed shade that will cool things down during hot, sunny days.


Another possibility is to place an awning, or perhaps more than one awning, on the outside of your shop. This will reduce the amount of heat coming into your work space. The United States Department of Energy estimates that you will reduce the amount of heat entering your building by up to 65 percent if the awning is placed in a south-facing location.

If the awning does not allow air to circulate, hot air may accumulate near your window, which is undesirable. So leave the awning open to the sides to let the air circulate freely.


If you live in a warm climate, adding insulation to your shop is another option. The extra insulation will help keep heat from entering the workshop. You have various choices for the type of insulation to use. Fiberglass rolls are a good pick, as is spray-blown insulation.


If your workshop location typically gets a breeze on hot days, try to take advantage of this circumstance. Open a door or window on the side the breeze is coming from. Then open a door or window on the opposite side. This allows cool air to enter your workshop and hot air to leave it.

Air conditioner

If you live in a hot climate, then you may need more cooling than the ideas listed above can provide. In this case, consider adding an air conditioner to your shop. You can choose from a variety of alternatives, including a standard air conditioner or a mini-split system, which is a heat pump type of system that not only cools your shop in the summer but can also heat it in the winter, if necessary. For more information about adding an air conditioner to your workshop, talk to a heating and cooling contractor like American City Plumbing & Heating.