Supplies To Buy At The Paint Store When Preparing To Paint Your Home’s Interior

If you're planning to paint the inside of your home, you should stock up on all the supplies you need so that you won't have to run to the paint store in the middle of the job. In addition to buying paint and painting supplies, you may also need to buy supplies for filling in holes in the walls and cleaning dirty baseboards and walls. Here's a look at some of the supplies you may want to buy.

High-Quality Paint

High-quality paint tends to cover old paint and dirt a lot better with fewer coats, and it lasts longer. It could be worth buying superior paint, even if it costs more. When you go to the paint store, ask for help when choosing a quality brand and then choosing the color you want. Color choice is a matter of preference, but one additional thing you want to consider is the type of paint. For instance, you might want matte, gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, or satin. These have different looks when it comes to their reflective qualities and each differs in how easy they are to clean. If you can't decide on what color or type of paint to buy, then buy a few small sample cans and try them out so that you see how the paint will look on the wall.

Painting Equipment

You'll need brushes and rollers for the paint job. If you'll use more than one type of paint, you may want multiple rollers so that you don't have to clean them between paint types or colors. You can simply change the rollers when you switch paints. Seal the rollers in plastic wrap and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer, and they'll be ready to use later without having to clean them. This makes painting go faster than when you have to stop and clean rollers and brushes all the time.

You'll also want different types of brushes for different uses. Angled brushes are helpful for cutting in so that you can control the paint better. High-quality brushes usually give you better results and are easier to control. However, you may still want to use painter's tape so that you can make straight lines and avoid getting paint in the wrong place.

Containers And Stirrers

Paint stirrers are essential since a can of paint has to be stirred before you use it. The paint store will probably have free paint stirrers you can grab when you buy a can of paint. These are strong wooden paddles that go deep into the can so that you can keep the paint stirred. You'll also want containers, such as a paint pan, for getting paint on a roller and small containers for dipping a brush in when you're on a ladder. You may not need to buy small containers since a plastic cup or food container can work just as well.

In addition, you'll need a tarp or sheet of plastic to put on the floor and over your furniture. Paint tends to get everywhere, and you don't want to take chances with getting paint on the floor or sofa. Go to a paint store with a list of things you'll need so you won't forget something important because the right painting equipment is essential for getting the paint on your walls.