Steps To Follow If Your Lawn Mower Is Not Working Properly

As a homeowner you are responsible for taking care of your property, and that of course includes the surrounding landscape. Just about every homeowner needs a good lawn mower these days to keep things looking good, but what do you do if your lawn mower is not working as it should? Here are some tips that might help:

Your Lawn Mower Will Not Start Properly

You're outside ready to cut the grass, you pull the cord on your mower and.... nothing. A lawn mower that will not start isn't much use to anyone. What seems to be the problem? The first thing you may want to check is the spark plug. Try removing the spark plug entirely, removing debris, giving it a good cleaning, and then making sure it is securely connected when reinstalled. If this doesn't work, you might have a clog in your air or fuel filters that is keeping things from getting started. Swap them out or get a lawn mower repair professional to do it for you.

Your Lawn Mower Starts But Shuts Down During Operation

You managed to start the mower and everything seems fine at first -- but then, just when you're in the middle of cutting the grass, the mower simply shuts down and you can't get it to turn back on. You'll want to go through the troubleshooting steps above, checking the spark plug and filters for issues, but a mower that was working just a moment ago may have run into another kind of trouble. Was the grass you were cutting too high? Try raising the mower's cutting height. If you were trying to cut tall grass at a low mower height, chances are you have some grass clippings and debris that got all up in the works and will need to be sorted out.

Your Lawn Mower Does Not Seem to Be Effective

What if your lawn mower seems to be operating just fine, but the results it is giving you are not? If you find yourself having to make multiple passes over your lawn just to get the cut that you want, it's likely that your mower's blades are beginning to dull. You will need to replace or sharpen these blades to restore your mower to full effectiveness.

A lawn mower is only good if it's working properly. If you encounter issues with your mower not starting, shutting down during operation ,or just not getting the job done, try reaching out to a lawn mower repair service for more information.