Shop For A Dining Table For Your New Home

A dining table is an essential furnishing that you and your spouse will need upon moving into a new residence. If you have been relying on microwave meals prior to your marriage, you may be unfamiliar with table sizes, shapes, and styles. Use a visit to a dining table store to help inspire the setup of your residence's dining room. 

A Size Comparison

While at a dining room store, try out the various seating options that are included with particular dining tables. Acquiring a feel of how a table will be presented before you while eating will aid in choosing a table style that is at an adequate height and that provides ample room for flatware, dishes, and food platters.

In addition to testing out the furnishings, acquire measurements of each table that you and your partner prefer. When at home, use the measurements to create a masking tape outline of a particular table. Secure the tape to the flooring where the table will be used and place chairs around the outline.

Sit down in a chair that is at one end of the table outline and request that your spouse sits at the opposite end. Converse with one another to determine if you both can hear clearly. If things seem awkward and either of you needs to talk louder than normal, mark a particular model from your potential purchases and focus on smaller tables.

During your initial shopping trip, you will see classic oval, square, rectangle, and circle-shaped tables. Consider the shape of the room where you will be dining to guide you in choosing a complementary shape.

The Craftsmanship And Details

The material that you choose should be durable and complementary to the style of your dining room. If you prefer modern furnishings that contain sleek lines, choose a ceramic or glass-topped table that contains a dark-colored base. Choose materials that have been coated to minimize scratches and stains.

For a rustic setup that consists of a classic table design, choose a solid wood table. Contemplate how the furnishing will be used. If intimate dinners are going to be shared on most occasions, a smaller table will suffice, but if you and your spouse will be entertaining people throughout the year, choose a table that can be enlarged. Collapsible or removable leaves will allow you to customize the length of the table. Choose a setup that is fairly easy to assemble and that includes directions on how to modify the table.