Exterminating Myths Surrounding Mice Control Services

Mice may be small, but these tiny mammals can bring a number of woes to your home. Don't let prevailing myths deter you from contacting mice control services for help. 

Myth: Mice are easy to control because they don't reproduce very quickly.

Mice actually reproduce extremely quickly, and a population can grow at a rapid rate because of it. The typical house mouse can birth up to 10 litters of mice every year, and each of those litters can be anywhere from 3 to 14 babies each. So, at that rate, even if you have two females in your home, you could easily have hundreds of mice in a single year. This is why it is so important to get in touch with mice control services when you spot just one or two mice. 

Myth: You don't need mice control services to help prevent a mouse problem. 

You may think you have your home well sealed so mice can't get in, but these pests are far more nimble than most property owners know. A mouse can jump several inches into the air, has no problem navigating across cables or lines, and they can shimmy their little bodies into gaps so thin it seems impossible. Therefore, having a mice control service professional to help you out with sealing your home completely is always recommended. To the trained eyes of the service professionals, you may have several vulnerable points in your home where outdoor mice can slip in. 

Myth: Using mouse traps and poison is better than mice extermination services. 

You can do some good with minimizing a mouse population with just traps and poison alone. However, getting rid of the entire problem with just these two methods is not feasible. Mice are often so intelligent that they learn what poisons to avoid based on what happens to other mice from the nest. Likewise, using the same traps repeatedly can lead to mice that know how to avoid them. Professionals tend to use a collection of different trapping mechanisms, exterminating solutions, and other methodologies to fully get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. 

Myth: Mice extermination services can put you and your pets at risk. 

Not all mice exterminators use pesticides or poisons to eradicate a mouse population. If you have concerns about chemical agents, be sure to discuss greener alternatives with the service provider that will not bring any unwanted concerns. For more information, contact a mice control service