Make A Multi-Tiered Accent Piece And A Clay Pot Decoration

Use glass spheres to create a multi-tiered accent piece and a clay pot decoration that can both be showcased at your residence. Glass spheres that are hollow will either be fully intact or contain an opening. Some products may have a textured surface or feature intricate design work, which will support a fancier decor piece.

A Multi-Tiered Accent Piece

Purchase a plastic or metal serving tray that contains several tiers. This type of serving tray can be used to showcase translucent glass spheres that contain small items that have been placed inside of them.

Shop for a series of spheres that each contain a slightly elongated neck and a metal or plastic cap that unscrews. Glass chips or beads are some items that can be added to the spheres. If you prefer using hand-blown spheres that are of various colors and that have textured surfaces, shop for some spheres that feature a mosaic theme or ones that are hand-painted.

Select a few different sphere styles and purchase enough of each style so that you can display one on each tier. Lay a strip of woven fabric across the surface of each tier. The textured material will prevent the glass spheres from shifting. Sort the spheres and place one style on each tier of the serving tray. The multi-tiered accent piece can be used as a centerpiece in your home.

A Clay Pot Decoration

Glass spheres that are contained within a clay pot can be used as a holiday decoration. Colorful spheres will look similar to ornaments and they will complement evergreen branches or ivy that surrounds them. Place a large clay pot in the area where the decoration is going to be on display.

If you are going to use fresh branches or ivy pieces that you have clipped from outdoors, place a shallow basin of water in the bottom of the pot. Dip the end of each clipping into the water. Use plenty of greenery to fill the clay pot. Lay decorative spheres on top of the greenery. Press each sphere into the clippings, to stabilize the glass.

If you are using spheres of varying sizes, some of them may overlap one another. Use several large spheres to form a grid that the smaller spheres can rest on top of. This type of decoration can be used to complement twinkling lights and other decor that will be used to adorn your home for the holiday season. 

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