The Benefits Of Bamboo Area Rugs

For years, most area rugs have been made either from synthetic materials or from wool. But lately, another material has begun to claim an increasingly large share of the area rug market: bamboo. Area rugs made from bamboo are becoming popular because they offer a lot of benefits, such as the following.

Bamboo is a really green material.

There is an increasing emphasis on the importance of using green building materials. Bamboo is definitely one of them! Bamboo grows very quickly, so once it is harvested to make items like area rugs, it can easily be replaced. Plus, growers do not have to use many, if any, pesticides or herbicides when growing bamboo. So, when you buy a bamboo area rug, you can rest assured that you are making a green purchase. These area rugs are associated with less pollution than those made from synthetic fibers, and the bamboo also gives off valuable oxygen as it grows.

Bamboo sheds water easily.

Area rugs tend to get wet sometimes. Someone might spill a drink on the rug, or they might leave the window open and some rain might get in. If the rug does not dry out quickly, it might start to grow mold and develop musty odors. A bamboo rug won't hold onto or absorb much water. As such, you'll have an easy time drying it out if it ever does get wet. This will help keep mold and bacterial growth at bay. It may also mean you deal with fewer stains. If someone spills fruit punch on a bamboo area rug, for example, you can probably soak most of it up without it staining too much since the rug won't absorb it.

Bamboo area rugs are highly insulating.

One of the key reasons people put down area rugs is to keep the floor warm and cozy under their feet. Bamboo does a great job of this. It is such a good insulator that some people even use bamboo as natural insulation. When you walk over a bamboo area rug, even in winter, it should feel nice and warm. Other materials, especially synthetics, are not quite as good at insulating.

Bamboo area rugs are a great choice for many homes. They're green, they're great insulators, and they shed water well. Look at some bamboo area rugs being sold by various vendors, and you'll discover there are all sorts of different styles and designs to choose from.