Insight for a Healthy Grass Sod Delivery and Installation on Your Property

A new lawn on your property makes your home and yard look amazing and provides a good environment to spend time outside and keeps the area cooler during the heat of summer. Here are some tips you can use as you look at installing a new lawn with sod from a local grass-sod supplier.

Know Your Climate

When you are ready to order the right type of grass for your yard, make sure you know the climate you live in and what types of sod are available to succeed in your zone. Grass comes in a variety of types and hardiness, depending on what type of weather it will need to survive through. 

For example, if you live in the arid southwest United States, look for drought-resistant grass, such as Zoysa, Bermuda, Centipede, or Floratam. If you live in a northern climate or an area that has hot summers but can get cold and freeze in the winter, you will need grass that can tolerate the cooler temperatures, such as Bluegrass, or Fine Fescue. Grasses, such as Fescue will need more moisture, but they will absorb moisture better to help them survive in a drought, and they will also grow in a softer pattern through your yard for a more pleasant experience. Talk to your local sod supplier for the varieties in your area and choose one that will provide you with the appearance and qualities you want.

Plan For Installation

The climate you live in will also help you handle the installation of your new sod. Recognize the way that sod needs to be handled and cared for before, during, and continuing after you lay it in your yard. If you plan to do this yourself, make a detailed outline of its delivery and how you can protect it while you set it in place. For example, ask the delivery man to leave the sod inside the shade of your garage, under a tree, or set up an awning in your yard where the sod can remain in the shade until it is set upon the soil.

Also plan for a good season to install your sod, whenever possible. Spring and fall provide more mild weather in which your new sod will have the best opportunity to take root and thrive in its new location. However, you can install sod during the heat of summer. Just make sure you have an irrigation system in place so you can wet it down through to the existing soil as soon as it is installed. Then, keep it moist continually for several days with irrigation based on your sod delivery instructions, otherwise, the roots of the sod will die and not grow down into the soil. 

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