What Are You Looking For A Persian Rug?

Persian rugs are beautiful additions to any home and come at a luxury price for the beauty you get. A quality rug can cost you a decent investment but it's worth it because the construction and lasting appeal mean you have a rug that will last for a very long time. For this reason, expect to see a heftier price tag when you're looking at Persian rugs, so have a budget ready before you go to your Persian rug dealer.

Besides cost, what are you looking for in a Persian rug? This is a rug design that is very vintage and antique in style and has intricate and ornate patterning and coloring, so you should choose wisely so you have a rug style that will last.


There are many things that can identify Persian rugs from other types of rugs. If you want a true Persian rug, you have to tie it to its origin and how it was designed. By definition. Persian rugs are rugs that are knotted by hand and originate from Iran, so make sure to watch for this when buying any Persian rugs for your home. Persian rugs and Oriental rugs can be confused with one another, so work with a Persian rug retailer to buy any Persian rugs so you know you get the real deal.


Your investment in a Persian rug is going to last a long time, so choose the style of rug that will work best for your home's current design. It's wise to choose vibrant yet basically neutral styles in a Persian rug so you can ensure your choice in a rug will continue to match well with your home decor and design. Your Persian rug retailer will show you several varieties of rugs within your budget to help you narrow down your options.

It's wise to grab rug samples or take pictures of rugs you find online that you like to compare to ones you see in the store. This way, you can better show your Persian rug retailer what you're looking for in Persian rugs as far as designs go.

Your Persian rug experience can be made great by knowing what to look for in Persian rugs in the first place. The right investment will pay off in you having a beautiful rug you love. Measure the area you want to put Persian rugs in so you get a rug that is properly sized.