Tired of the Leaves? 3 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Your First Leaf Blower

If you're tired of raking up the leaves in your yard, it's time to invest in a leaf blower. Leaf blowers aren't just for commercial enterprises. They're for anyone who wants to eliminate the work involved in keeping leaves out of the yard. If you have a lot of trees, you probably spend a great deal of time clearing your property, especially once fall arrives. If you've thought about allowing the leaves to remain on your lawn, you should think again. Read More 

Supplies To Buy At The Paint Store When Preparing To Paint Your Home’s Interior

If you're planning to paint the inside of your home, you should stock up on all the supplies you need so that you won't have to run to the paint store in the middle of the job. In addition to buying paint and painting supplies, you may also need to buy supplies for filling in holes in the walls and cleaning dirty baseboards and walls. Here's a look at some of the supplies you may want to buy. Read More 

Three Tips To Keep Outdoor Pests Out Of Your Home

Does the coming of spring also seem to coincide with a great pest migration into your home? All types of landscape pests, from insects to rodents, also begin to wake up from winter hibernation at the same time your lawn is also coming back to life. While most are content to remain outside, some may try to find easier living inside your home. The following are a few garden tips to help keep the pests outside. Read More 

Are You Decorating a Kitchen?

Are you decorating a kitchen in a brand-new house, or are you remodeling the kitchen in your present home? Either way, from selecting the material for your kitchen's countertops to selecting the wall treatment for the walls, here are some ideas that might help you. The Countertops  Have you seen stone countertops? Maybe you've seen them in model homes or in your friends' homes and you have always known that one day you'd select them for your own kitchen. Read More 

Are You Or Your Landlord Responsible For Pest Control?

Your rental unit is full of rats. Is it your responsibility or is it your landlord's? Before you take action to call in the home pest control services, you may want to figure out who should be paying the bill. It may depend on your lease, your state, and the circumstances. Did You Cause the Infestation?  Regardless of whether a landlord would otherwise be responsible for pest control, you will be considered responsible if you did something to cause the infestation. Read More