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Times To Consider Using A Double Copper Rain Chain Setup

Copper rain chains are an eye-catching alternative to gutter downspouts to consider for your property. Whereas downspouts aren't very appealing looking, copper rain chains are sold in a wide range of styles to allow you to find a look that suits you. In addition to their beauty, rain chains need to be functional, so you should always be looking at them during a rainfall to ensure that they're doing their job properly. Read More 

Creatively Contemporary: How To Design A Modern-Themed Living Room That’s Anything But Boring

Is your living room boring and outdated? Do you feel as if your decorating style is stuck in the past? If you are looking for an easy way to transform the look of your living room, look no further than contemporary design. With its clean lines and casual look, it's the perfect style for relaxing at home or entertaining guests. Choose neutrals Nature-inspired materials and elements make the perfect foundation for contemporary design. Read More 

3 Great Features To Add To Your Patio

Having a patio outdoors can make the exterior of your home and property so much more enjoyable. There are also things that you can add to your patio to make the patio itself even more fun for you, your family, and your friends. Here are three excellent features to consider adding to your patio. Overhang The patio itself is an amazing and worthwhile investment for you. However, in order to make it even better, you should consider adding some type of overhang to go over the top of it. Read More 

Going Tiny | 5 Roofing Options For Tiny House Living

The tiny house movement is gaining steam as people move away from McMansions and towards both manageable square footage and mortgage payments. Living in less than 500 square feet not only helps you focus on what is important to your life, but it also frees up additional money in your budget to do the things you really love, from traveling to volunteering. Ironically, building a tiny home actually requires more decisions than building a McMansion. Read More 

West Nile, Zika And Now… Dengue. This Painful Disease May Now Threaten 75 Percent Of The U.S.

Never heard of dengue? Unfortunately, that may not be true for too much longer. Dengue is considered a tropical and subtropical disease, which can cause such agonizing joint and muscle pain that it has earned the nickname breakbone fever. In rare cases, it can develop into the potentially deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever, which can cause a patient to lose blood through vomiting, their feces and urine. And even when dengue doesn't kill them, some patients have said the pain is so bad that they wished they had died while suffering with the disease. Read More